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Your website, the heart and centre of where you want your customers to go see; what you want them to know about you, and what you want to show them. Your website is your clients/customers guide to take action. You tell them the next steps you need them to take. It’s your digital ‘home.’

Having an online presence that clearly communicates who you are and what you do is important because it tells your ideal client your story in a beautiful layout that is true to you. There are many different ways you can design a website but the main focus is your ideal clients user experience and how you want them to see you. We will work together to ensure that your website design will be based on your brand identity and thoroughy thoughtout to engage with your clientele.

Creative process

Web lingo explained

Domain Name:

The name of your website. It is what comes after the @ in your email and after the www. in your web address.

User experience:

How your client interacts with your website, ease of use, educational, and have you provided them with solutions they are looking for.

User interface:

Aesthetics; how it visually looks, does it align with your brand identity and does it reflect your brand personality.

SEO aka Search engine optimistation:

Helps get you the traffic to your website. Applying strategic keywords in your content that connect with your client and them through your site so Google is confidently sends the right people to the right place.

If you’re wanting a website that reflects your brand personality, download my pricelist below. Or simply get in touch and we can chat about how I can assist you in having a website that aligns to your brand and story.

Price list

Download my pricelist below and see which design package matches your needs.