Show off your brand with confidence

Your branding is the first thing your potential clientele will see, it tells in detail who you are and what your business does.
It’s not just about having a logo that you slap on your collateral, it’s about investing in the right designer that understands the value in building a brand identity that will truly represent who you are and connect you to your audience. Branding is a result of multiple elements that come together.

Creative process

Design lingo explained

Brand Identity:

This is everything that visually represents you as a business. It involves strategy and is an emotional connection between you and your ideal client.

Brand Collateral:

ie. Business Cards etc: Supporting material that is a part of your brand as a whole.

Logo Design:

It is one of the main contacts of how people recognise you, however, just one part of the whole puzzle. A logo should mean more than just text or an icon. It should tell the start of you.

Brand Style Guide:

Your written and visual coach to assist you to have consistency throughout your brand. It will include; logo usage & variations, fonts, colours & design elements, mood-board.

If you’re passionate about your brand being authentic then I’m the designer for you! Download my pricelist below and see which design bundle matches your needs.

Price list

Download my pricelist below and see which design package matches your needs.