Hey! I’m Michelle Lisa, I’m your passionate brand explorer and styler for enthusiastic entrepreneurs wanting to discover and reconnect with their true brand identity.

My favourite things include:

Hiking, going to the beach, fashion, longboarding, coastal walks, painting, going on any type of adventure with my sister and spending time with family and friends. I absolutely love being outdoors and around people.

When I’m not doing the above, you’ll find me having a coffee with my clients or creating authentic purposeful brand collateral for them.

I am a huge believer in building strong foundations not only in branding but also with my clientele. Having a one on one relationship assists me in understanding your story and your true passions about your business.

The process of adopting the passion you have for your business helps reveal, align and give purpose to your brand identity and everything that flows from it.

Something about me that not many know…

Before taking the adventure in Graphic Design, I always wanted to be a Fashion Designer, sewing and curating clothing all throughout my high school days. Submitting outfits in the local Fashion Awards and winning in some categories.

With that obsession, was also Fashion Photography. Basing my whole year 12 photography portfolio around, fashion throughout the years. Spending most my year in the dark room developing my images… oh the nostalgia of darkroom photography. How much I miss it!!

Fast forward to the end of year 12… I couldn’t decide which career path to take…. Fashion Design or Photography..

So with much thought I decided to start with Graphic Design and from there I would then decide which path to take. Little did I know that I would stick with Graphic Design but develop my skillset far beyond I would ever imagine. Using photography as an additional service for clients. And just continually enjoying fashion and sewing as a hobby.

With over 10 years experience, constantly learning and growing in my industry. You know you can trust me with your rebrand. I am a lover of all things creative, always have always will be. It’s in my blood. 😉

I’m all about being…

Comfortable but stylish
Fun but driven
Energetic but relaxed
Adventurous but responsible

Okay, so why is it important to have a full brand identity…consistency, people relate to it. It makes your brand more recognisable and trustworthy when people can easy piece it all together.

If you feel like we could create amazing art together. Let’s chat! 

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